GOP Budget Plans To Cut $4trillion Off Americas Deficit

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Lets get rid of the debt!

Republican Representative Paul Ryan who is also the republican chairman of House Budget committee says that the GOP (grand old party/republicans) budget plan is going to cut $4trillion off the USA deficit over the next decade! With America being over $14 trillion in debt the $4 trillion the GOP plans to cut would lower us down to about $10 trillion in debt which would obviously be a great thing, a lot better then $14trillion in debt. But many liberals are bitching about this possible budget…of course(#1 site complaining is CNN…of course). This budget is really aiming to get medicare going again which would save millions of dollars. That’s medicare, but medicaid is the EXACT OPPOSITE, this plan proposed by Rep. Paul Ryan would cut deeply into medicaid, as much as $1trillion…What a great idea, why didn’t we do that to medicaid a long ass time ago? Two House GOP Lawmakers said both they and the and others on the House Budget Committee believe that it’d be a mistake to NOT tackle Social Security. So they called in Ray Lewis to lay out Social Security….literally haha just kidding they didn’t do that. Overall this sounds much better then Obamas budget plan that is $3.7trillion for 2012 (ridiculous budget we know that Rep. Paul Ryans will seriously be smaller) and only suspected to cut $1.1trillion of the deficit over the next decade…thats a deficit cut $2.9trillion dollars LESS then Rep. Paul Ryans suspected. To bad the damn budget can’t fix the pile of shit Barack has left for us to deal with when he isn’t acting as president…


  • “It is increasingly clear that the House Republicans are more committed to continuing tax breaks to millionaires and big corporate special interests than they are to a serious, balanced approach to reducing deficits,” Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Van Hollen is a HUGE supporter of socialized medicine and Obamas healthcare bills and the trillions of dollars wasted on the new Obamacare).
  • “Paul Ryan made clear that the Republican budget will protect Big Oil companies subsidies over seniors health care,” Jesse Ferguson, spokesman for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said in a statement. “It’s already becoming clear who will be the priority in the House Republican budget — special interests, not middle class families.” Ok thanks Jesse for the input…Now here is my input, I believe your daddy should have worn a condom and your mommy should have used birth control to do the whole political community a favor!

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