Mexican Cartels

Posted on April 3, 2011 by


Mexican cartels are in American territory and Obama as usual isn’t doing shit about the cartels or anything concerning America.

I know Barack wont deal with the cartels because he wants to try to please everyone else. He is in Libya playing the role of Jesus trying to “liberate” the nation and of course he is also trying to help out Japan with the natural disaster. It’s disgusting to see that he will help everyone else but wont dare help his own country! Instead of dealing with the cartels he makes time to tell congress to fix the debt, he created,  to stop the govt. shutdown. It is truly depressing to see Barack wont even stop these terrorist like, violent, and destructive cartels! I don’t give a damn about Libya or any other dar4 or third world countries! I also don’t give a damn about Japan!

If we even liberate any countries we should make the country pay! If we will give any foreign aids to countries like Japan we should make the country pay! We need to get as much money we possibly can!

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