Prosecutor W/ Drug Charges resigns…Thank God!

Posted on April 3, 2011 by


I have just read on fox news, a Las Vegas prosecutor who was charged for doing coke has now resigned from his job. Clark County district attorney, David Roger, says he accepts the resignation of prosecutor David Schubert. The 47-year-old Schubert was arrested March 19 after Las Vegas police reported watching him in a white BMW sedan buy $40 worth of rock cocaine in a neighborhood east of the Las Vegas Strip.

Wouldn’t you think that it’s best he resigns? Yes, but I would think it is best to NOT be buying $40 rock cocaine….just by the LV Strip….when you’re a prosecutor of law….

I mean if you really wanted to score some coke bro I would’ve bought it for you and taken the wrap for you! To late I guess.

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