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I see a lot of media bias today, public bias, government bias and much more bias. Schools are biased when it comes to religion, politics, opinions, news, the teaching material, punishments/rules/regulations etc. It disgusts me to see schools who act like this! I am a middle school kid with 13 years of age…so I go to school and know about the schools! A while ago at my school I had typed a 3 paragraph paper on the State Of the Union Address. It did have some conservative favored material but all of the material was facts and great content with great writing! My teacher (who openly admitted she was a liberal before) who’s a liberal, like every school official now-a-days, took my paper, read it, and said “Naw, it’s to conservative I wont take this!”. My school-mate Maggie had then turned in her paper (Maggie has a liberal POV) the teacher read it, and I over-heard her say “Great paper! I LOVE THE SPICE YOU ADDED WITH YOUR POINT OF VIEW AND OPINION!” That pisses me off! Teachers hate any political comments that have to do with anything NOT liberal….at least it’s like that in my school! I say one comment and I swear to you the teachers are out to kill you after that! During the election, teachers preached obama the whole entire campaign! They wore obama apparel, told us only about obama and how there salaries will finally get a raise because of his great “change” (the teachers cry about their salaries all the time…..either shut up and do your job or quit and get a new job!), they encouraged us even to tell our parents about Jesus….I mean obama haha sorry got a bit confused because that’s how people during the campaign treated obama, like Jesus. It’s like a religion, don’t force a political party into you! That’s just the political bias in the school systems today. We all know religion can be an issue. There has been a few times when I’ve seen teachers discourage the practice of religion in school buildings/property (reading bibles, praying, apparel/style of religion like head-scarves). To me that is not ok! The only time religious practices should be stopped is if it’s interrupting a class or the student is trying to preach to another student/staff/guest or convert the religion of someone else! The pledge of allegiance is like religion in a way because you say “IN GOD WE TRUST” which obama (I’ve decided barack obama doesn’t deserve for his name to be capitalized) bitched, moaned, cried, and fussed about! Well now everyday in school the announcer on the P.A. says “Please stand for the pledge of allegiance if you’d like to participate”. I believe anyone and everyone needs to stand for the pledge of allegiance because this is the country they’re living in that’s giving them the freedoms and rights they have! If they stand and so wish to not say “In God We Trust.” Well….who cares if they don’t want to say it we cant beat the words out of them! And how about I point out another bias action on the teachers and school systems agenda? GENDER! I could bitch about this like I was obama if I wanted to and what the hell…..I just might do that! Gender bias is the biggest bias in the schools today. Female favored. My buddy, Joe, got punched in the face by this crazy bitch Allie one day. Well Joe was bleeding and he was obviously pretty irate haha. So he went and told a guy teacher first, “Who cares Joe. She’s a girl!” Said the first male teacher. “Joe…she’s a girl!” Said the second male teacher. “You’ll be fine, she’s a girl it’s ok. I bet you did somethin to piss her off!” Said the first, and only female teacher. Finally Joe just quit trying! Haha can’t blame him! I have, many times, experienced the gender card. Girls get the benefit and that’s the truth!

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