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Hello everyone! If you’ve seen, I will randomly post different posts about news stories in politics and crime and headlines with my opinion. Well I decided I need to be more consistent! So everyday I will choose about 5 news stories to cover and only 1 or 2 stories to cover FULL news on and opinion. More then like those 1 or 2 stories to do full cover will be political! Make sure you read the Colorado WildFire Series!

Have you ever blogged before but you want to guest blog? Have you written but not blogged and don’t want your own blog but want to just guest blog? Or have you never ever done blogging or professional writing but you want to try it for the first time by guest blogging? If so leave me a message on the contact page or email me at and tell me your interest and I will reply ASAP! Trust me, ANYONE CAN GUEST BLOG HERE ON THIS SITE! I WOULD LOVE A LIBERAL, INDEPENDANT, CONSERVATIVE OR ANYONE ELSE WITH DIFFERENT POLITICAL VIEWS TO GUEST BLOG HERE! THERE IS NO REQUIREMENTS AND IF YOU DO WANT TO GUEST BLOG THEN I WILL NOT MAKE YOU MEET AN ARTICLE QUOTA OR HAVE A SPECIFIC DEADLINE/AMOUNT OF ARTICLE PUBLISHING…UNLESS THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT! EMAIL ME AND I’LL GIVE YOU MUCH MORE INFO!!!


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