The Little Riding Hood That Cried Rape Then Stabbed Its Boyfriend

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Crystal Mangum accused three Duke University Lacrosse players (boys) of rape five years ago but there was no credible evidence so the three boys didn’t get charged. 2006 Crystal had been performing as a stripper for the Duke University  boys lacrosse team and Mangum had supposedly been “raped”. North Carolina in 2011 on Sunday April 3rd police units reported on scene to a crime of a 46yr old male who was stabbed in the torso. The 46yr old man was rushed to the Duke ER. Later 46yr old mans girlfriend, Mangum, had been charged for assault and deadly intent to kill. Police said she inflicted very serious injuries. Now Mangum is placed in Durham County jail with NO BOND. Mangum stabbed boyfriend over argument. Couple lived in apartment together. December Mangum could’ve been charged with child abuse but couldn’t agree on a first-degree arson charge. Mangum told CNN that she feels she is being treated unfairly in the justice system just because character of her portrayed in the media.

God damn Crystal. How could you not be portrayed for committing this crime? I have never heard of your crazy ass until now! I am not sure if the justice system should sentence her or do to her what they did to Jared Loughner (Arizona shooting suspect), do a psyche-valve and evaluate her brain! She sounds pretty crazy to me! Haha let me guess, the argument was probably over the color to paint the kitchen walls or what restaurant were goin out to tonight? I also find it pretty ironic she had claimed rape and now this is happening. I feel maybe Mangum is seeking media attention or my other thoughts were honestly she might have some problems with men! Maybe she did get raped and that affected her relationship with guys or maybe she’s always had issues with the men and that’s why she claimed rape AND stabbed her boyfriend! Or maybe there could be some mental illness! That’s why I said before maybe the should perform a psyche-valve and check her brain out? Basically, North Carolina needs to get Mangum off the streets or simmered down before she hits the streets again and bring justice to North Carolina and I bet that Duke UN. is pretty shook up right now about all of this!

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