The Third War For America: Opinion and Analysis Article

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Police are investigating the shooting deaths of two American citizens, gunned down while waiting to come into the U.S. at a border crossing near San Diego. According to the Baja, Calif., attorney general’s office, the two men were waiting in a white pickup truck at the San Ysidro border crossing on the Tijuana side when an unidentified man walked through the lanes of traffic and boldly unloaded five rounds from a 9-mm. handgun. The men were shot in the head, chest and arms. The shooting happened on Monday at 2:40 a.m. Customs and Border protection agents say it appears the shooting was too far away from surveillance cameras, which point southbound into Mexico, for investigators to use for clues. The victims were identified as 25-year-old Sergio Salcido Luna and 28-year-old Kevin Joel Romero. It’s believed the pair, who may have dual citizenship, were on their way to work at the West Coast Beverage Maintenance, a company that services draft beer equipment for bars and restaurants.

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Barack Obama is to busy worrying about his 2012 campaign to save his ass and make more lies so he can continue destroying this country and he is to focused on the Libya issue (LIBYA ISSUE…NOT OURS), and helping Japan out. We Americans and Barack Obama are way to overwhelmed! Obama is putting his country to the side right now which is a bunch of B.S. . I believe Barack should send down military enforcements and get the Mexican cartels under control! The Mexican cartels are bitches compared to the American military! We could stomp on them right away! I am not sure if Obama is not doing his job concerning the Mexican border, or if maybe border control can do a better job. Is all that I know is if Obama puts this to the side just a little bit longer we will get plenty more Americans killed or injured! It’s extremely scary and disappointing to see Obama put this off especially because the cartels were aiming/targeting teens. Maybe Obama doesn’t care about all of those young people he pleased in his 2010 campaign? But we cannot do much now…Obama has America in the middle of everything. He shouldn’t be titled as president he should be titled as nosy gossip queen. STAY OUT OF OTHER NATIONS BUSINESS DUMB ASS AND WORRY ABOUT YOUR OWN COUNTRY!

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