Obama Putting Budget AND America To the Side!

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“The president is certainly entitled to disagree with our budget, but what exactly is his alternative? If he wants to have an ‘adult conversation’ about solving our fiscal challenges, he needs to lead instead of sitting on the sidelines.”





I completely agree with Boehner. Barack Obama has been putting this and many other issues concerning our nation. I could list all of the different issues Obama has been avoiding but…I would bore you because I have mentioned Obamas fails many times before and I do not want to be repetitive! As you all know the Government is extremely close to shutdown but I am not sure if I really care the Government does shutdown. The Tea Party really doesn’t care either. They actually promote the shutdown…but that is not the point. If the Govt. does shutdown then it might wake the Democrats up and show everyone that the Dems are not doing a good job of keeping the government from shutting down or dealing with budgets or money in general. The liberals are actually great with money…spending it! It shows ME which party I would want to be 2012 president…THE GOP! I guess I would want to choose the party that really puts in a true effort. The effort the GOP is putting into the budget and USA funds is obvious. Every headline and update says GOP pushes stopping govt. shutdown, GOP proposes budget etc. While is all it says about the dems is that they always shoot down the GOP because they cut something oh so very important. This all makes me wonder if the democrats even want to cut the debt and recover from this deficit and recession?

I know Obama will not win the 2012 election. My guess is a republican president candidate will win. I say that because it generally goes GOP president then democrat president! I am counting out Palin because she has been bashed to hard. But I am truly hoping we have someone with a great understanding of spending and managing money and a great understanding of money in general! I just hope America can have a great comeback!

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