Pelosi Says GOP Is Hiding Behind Troops

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The house minority leader, Nancy Pelosi, claims that the GOP is “hiding” behind the U.S. troops. Pelosi (Democrat) basically says the Republicans are doing such a thing to guilt trip in order to bribe others into voting for the Stopgap Budget Bill.

Republicans are asking for a short-term continuing resolution, or CR, that would keep the government open and fund troops for a week. Pelosi said that the choice on the floor will be a clear one and there would be a vote against it. She added that if it passed, she’d hope the president would veto it (from fox news, link below)

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We should continue for our troops to get paid. If anything, the troops deserve to get their money! Troops put so much on the line for America and citizens like Nancy Pelosi. Pelosi is basically stating that she and the Democrats do not want the troops to get paid! She basically says she doesn’t want the troops to get paid then she states this!

The minority leader (Pelosi) said Democrats know who they are, and they are the biggest supporters of troops and that their past indicates that. (from fox news, link below)

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If your party was the biggest supporters wouldn’t you support funding the troops?

And according to Rep. Chris Van Hollen, the republicans are using the troops to support the “radical” GOP agenda.

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