FBI Joins In the Search For 19yr Old Colorado Girl

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FBI is joining into the hunt for 19yr old girl Kenia Monge that went missing at a Denver nightclub about a week ago. Matt Murray the Police spokesman said that this is just a standard missing person search and refused to give out anymore information about the case.

An update is that witnesses said that Monge left her cell phone and purse before leaving the table in the club to go to the bathroom. (Monge never returned from bathroom). Denver Police had said that Kenia Monge was LAST spotted April 1st at a gas station somewhere around 3A.M. Another police spokesman Sunny Jackson said that Kenia was seen with a man who was at the gas station buying some cigarettes and then Kenia walked away to a new car with a new man.

“We’re not sure what he is at this point,” Jackson said when asked about the man who arrived with Kenia at the gas station. “It’s an open investigation.”

Johnny Coast who is the 24-K lounge Operations Director claims that Monge presented staff with an ID showing she was 21, and left the club with an unidentified man.

Monge moved from Honduras to America when she was 12 years old. She graduated from Cherry Creek High School. She’s described to be 4foot 11inches and about 115lbs. Ethnicity is Hispanic/Honduras. Light brown skin, brown eyes, and black/dark brown hair. Police say she was last seen wearing a black skirt, black jacket and red high heels. IF YOU SPOT SOMEONE WHO FITS THIS DESCRIPTION CALL 720-913-2000 COLORADO MISSING PERSONS CASE NUMBER 2011 144686 OR TONY LEE AT 720-266-8962!


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