When the Border Is More Secure Lives Will Be More Secure

Posted on April 20, 2011 by


Everyone knows the border isn’t secure and that many lives are being caught in the crossfire. When will our government wake up and finally see that the border needs to get shut down completely! What’s even the use of border control if they don’t do anything? I will always stick to my strong beliefs of anyone caught crossing the border or partaking in illegal activities near the border close enough to harm either America or the neighboring country should be shot on sight. Any American partaking in illegal activity should get shot same with any Mexicans. Our justice system takes terrorism so seriously like they should, but I think of the drug cartels and aliens as terrorists as well. They take part in terrorist activities! So lets take that very seriously as well!

It’s not even really the illegal aliens who come from Mexico and illegally live in America, it’s the cartels who live in Mexico and cause mayhem to OUR American citizens. I think America tries too hard to be very politically correct…but that just kicks our ass and makes us look like jack asses. So lets not be politically correct and take out the illegal aliens from Mexico and the cartels from Mexico. We should CRACK DOWN and send ALL illegal Mexicans back…if you want to be in OUR country become legal! I don’t care if you are or aren’t working! Most illegal aliens are mooching off Americas money (the citizens money) and usually smuggle illegal drugs, weapons, and just bring more crime to America….I know this is a sensitive topic but I am tired of everyone being pushovers to problems like this!

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