Is It Bullying Or Is It Not Being Tough Enough?

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Two Minnesota girls FELT bullied by school mates and yes you all know where this is going….THEY’VE KILLED THEMSELVES! Not only is it somewhat bizarre but common….the real bizarre thing is it was a suicide PACT during a sleepover at one of the girls house!!!! 

I could easily see the media turning this all around to the parents and say they need to pay more attention and I am sure there will be a huge ceremony for ME AND MANY OTHER STUDENTS tomorrow at school. I am also sure there will be plenty of bullying seminars for me sometime soon thanks to these Minnesota girls.

I do not know what you think but I know that I am tired of this “bullying” conflict! It is ridiculous. The people that have killed themselves from bullying was because they were called sluts, whores, dicks, bitches, ugly, fat, gross, skanky etc. HOW STUPID. It’s stupid to kill yourself because of something like that. If they do not kill themselves (I see this everyday) the students bitch to the principal and the person who called that person a hoe gets a ticket and has probation for a year and now has a juvenile record! Bullying has gone to far….not the bullies….the victims have gone to far. You should learn to deal with shit on your own. You cannot always rely on principal to fix your god damn problems! I believe bullying is VERY serious when it gets violent and EXTREMELY malicious.

The girls hanged themselves and left suicide notes, one detailing plans for her funeral, ABC News reports. “She requested everything pink and princess and butterflies,” Fentress’ aunt, Robin Settle, told the network in an interview. The two friends, who attended Marshall Middle School, reportedly felt like outcasts in their eighth-grade class. Settle said her niece was often teased about her appearance. She said Haylee, who was expelled from school for defending Moravetz in a fight, wanted to return to Indiana where she had recently moved from, according to reports. “She was made fun of for being overweight, her red hair,” Settle told ABC News. “She posted on my [Facebook] wall that she really wanted to come back….that the people were mean and cruel and she didn’t fit in.”

You know what….not everyone fits in. Like I said it’s dumb little things like red hair and being fat and not fitting in. 

I realize I come across extremely insensitive and heartless by NOT SUPPORTING these 8th graders but…I am an 8th grader and this is truly ridiculous. It is VERY unfortunate for what happened but maybe our student body needs to toughen up and quit putting so many through tragedies like this!

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