Mexican Cartels Get Guns From USA?

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The Mexican cartels are DEFINITELY NOT pussies! They have pretty heavy duty machinery…well the USA has some heavy duty machinery as well. The machinery used by the cartels that have been discovered ARE guns, ammo, and equipment made by the USA. WikiLeaks has gotten a lot of information from a cable of the State Dept. that WikiLeaks had picked up. “More than 90 percent of the guns recovered in Mexico come from the United States, many from gun shops that line our border,” Obama said in February 2009.

Here is some key, somewhat hypocritical, statements from the state dept. website! “Defeating the terrorist enemy requires sound policies, concerted U.S. Government effort, and international cooperation”, hmmmm our state dept., that’s in charge of FIREARMS AND SECURITY, is giving cartels (TERRORISTS) USA guns? Is that considered sound policies? Efforts from the govt. to give cartels USA guns and equipment and militaristic weaponry is considered a concrete effort? And yes, there is international cooperation….the cooperation to get heavy duty warfare machinery from America.

Another source where the cartels are getting their weapons is from gun shops by the border. That has been known for a while though. It is seeming like ONLY the govt. should run gun stores so they can check for backgrounds of the buyers and to check for citizenship and licenses and follow other legal rules….wait the govt. cannot do that….the govt. will do the exact same thing seeings how that is what the USA govt. has basically been doing!

“Ultimately our role is to enable, support, and facilitate” That was on the site for the State Dept. as well. That’s some more of the great hypocrisy provided from our trustworthy govt.

“These are weapons that have been stockpiled either through U.S. aid programs or currently being shipped there under the guise of military support,” said a confidential informant in Arizona who has worked for federal agencies like the ATF and FBI. (This quote was from the WikiLeaks).

That’s pretty scary right there. It makes you wonder who’s REALLY behind these terrible terrorist acts.

Obama says he NEVER gave approval to the USA govt. to do such a thing and he says he NEVER knew about such a thing. But I am not sure….I mean really, look at who the president hangs around with!

Heres a video below showing some of the cartel activities! It’s Mexico cartels having a shootout with Mexico police. Just one of thousands.

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