Obamas Speech At White House Correspondent Dinner STUPID

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I took notes during the White House Correspondent Dinner when Obama talked so now I will basically give you the key points I wrote down!

Barack Hussein Obama

First off I love the cute opening song about you being a true American citizen…glad you FINALLY put this at rest, you could have done it sooner though Mr. Obama! SO YES IT IS TRUE HE IS A CITIZEN! I AM GLAD THE TRUTH IS FINALLY OUT! He also used the Disney cartoon Lion King as his birth video…his long term birth video…glad you could do something as childish as that for some good ol’ shits and giggles! I noticed Barack was very relaxed and very comical and not so formal at all…I mean you’re still the U.S.A. president for Gods sake. Have some class. Wait he did have a lot of class actually, he was wearing a snazzy tux with a cute patriotic American flag pinned on his collar! Your big “Dumbo” ears looked good with your tux by the way Mr. President. When his term is over I think he should become a stand up comedian! I am also glad to see he bashed Paul Ryan and his budget. That’s very polite and professional. Not only did he bash him but he bashed Trump, Michelle Bachmann, Huntsman, Matt Damon, and the birthers. He talked about how Trump would bring change to the white house and the image that he showed of what Trump would turn the White House into would be very offensive to most Liberals if it came from a GOP member! He also had a trailer for a fake movie about him called “The Presidents Speech”. The fake movie would be about the presidents struggles because he lost his teleprompter! Lets make a movie that would suit Obama and Biden much better! It’ll be about how all of his promises for change was a complete lie, his amazing ObamaCare, his joke about the Special Olympics, the great recession he has put America in, this gorgeous debt were trying to deal with, and explanations of him hanging out with his terrorist buddies! That’d be a great movie! He ended with some touching quotes like “As its been the last several years we have incredible young men and women who are serving in uniform overseas in the most extraordinary circumstances. Were reminded of their courage and their valor!” I hope their courage and valor actually reminds you of the promises to get them back home…those promises failed and we have more troops out then before. Obama has let America, the troops, and quite frankly the whole world down! You have made promises of change and a better America and you’ve only done the opposite! I am glad you can go to a dinner like that and make so many jokes and get so many laughs even though you’ve fucked us all over! Thanks for that Mr. President. You have done nothing but make yourself look like a jack-ass! He also ended with this “No one should be silenced, and everyone deserves to know the truth!” As Obama was talking about journalists. HYPOCRITICAL!!!! You don’t want America to know the truth and it’s obvious you don’t want us to! So thanks Obama for your great stand-up comedy and some seriousness! It will not be very hard for me to say goodbye to your dumb ass next year when you don’t get re-elected!

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