Who’s Affected More With The Death Of UBL?

Posted on May 4, 2011 by


Who was affected more in the death of Usama Bin Laden? The Pakistanis and Afghans etc. people OR the Americans? When I say affect I do not mean who just got the benefit of his death, I mean the overall affect?

The Pakistani and Afghan citizens have been dealing with UBL forever. Not only UBL but the Al Qaeda forces. They had to live right next door to Al Qaeda forces and I am sure they had plenty of  fears based off of that! They still live with the Al Qaeda forces, but we all know UBL was a HUGE threat to all of the world! UBL affected the lives of Pakistani, Afghan, American and many  other citizenships! Finally though we destroyed Usama.

The US citizens have been living in fear of terrorism from Al Qaeda. We’ve all been living in fear of Usama and Al Qaeda. I cannot say how happy I am he is finally dead! I hated Usama and he deserves to rot in hell! Back on topic, the Al Qaeda forces have affected America in many ways. The most obvious way they’ve impacted us was by the 9/11 bombing in New York. We have been in war for a very long time. The war is still obviously occurring and I am sure it’ll last for a very long time. Our troops will be stationed all over the East for a very long time just like with Vietnam and other wars.

So that’s just basic impacts Al Qaeda has done to both areas. But which is really affected more? What do you think?

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