Get the Scissors Out! IT’S TIME TO CUT, CUT, CUT!

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Conservatives in the house want to cut our deficit in half by next year (OBVIOUSLY THAT’S A GOOD THING!) and reduce our spending down to about $381 billion! That sounds great to me. We need to cut down the government spending because it’s doing NOTHING but making our lives that much worse.

Basically what I am getting at right now is the U.S.A. in general is in the toilet right now financially….and who would be the primary cause of this monetary breakdown? Yes, it would be our stellar top dog government!  So thank you all government officials, democratic and republican, for screwing us over!

Republican study committee members are spreading around a letter to ALL 176 members of the U.S. house asking them for their support and will to raise our debt ceiling.

There are three requests coming from the GOP. 


“make a bold statement to the American people about what direction we want our country to go,” That was just a brief part of that letter being sent out (letter obtained by The Hill).

In response to that part of the letter, I am still unsure of which way our country is going. Based off of all of the shit we have going on it’s pretty hard to know which way were headed.

“Further, given the condition of the country’s finances, it is imperative to the future of the country that we fight for an immediate shift toward fiscal responsibility.” Another part of the letter sent out.

….I might be wrong, but you should have been fighting for an immediate shift for a while now?

The White House is seeking a $2 trillion increase in the nation’s $14.3 trillion debt ceiling by Aug. 2.

RSC and freshmen have been given the opportunity to go from $35 billion in cuts to $61 billion. We need some very deep cuts to get us out of this terrible debt.

The RSC failed to get a full $100 billion in cuts, however. Instead, Congress and the White House agreed to $38.5 billion in cuts, something conservatives said was only made possible through their extra negotiating demand.


Budget cuts do hurt and I recognize that. We just had a lot of teachers at my school laid off because of budget cuts. So many teachers lost their jobs (hence I said they got laid off). Not only does it affect the teachers but it affects so many other people as well. It will hurt the unemployed citizens family (if the person who lost their job has a family). It’ll be harder for that family to eat, pay taxes, rent, bills etc.

Like I had just talked about in the above paragraph, I understand and validate the fact that budget cuts affect many people. But in the long run it’ll all be a huge help! Well, I’ve always thought, and still believe, budget cuts are a positive thing because it puts limitation on radical spending of money that the government doesn’t have and crazy spending on stupid things…even though there is a very minimum amount of dollars to spend. We need to spend our U.S.A. tax payer dollars WISELY!

With these cuts it really puts a limit and it’s like getting potty trained….basically it’s like this, heres your small amount of spending money use it wisely…don’t waste it all.

With schooling systems the cuts that should have been put into play a long ass time ago should have been cuts on classroom supplies so salary budget can continue to have a strong foundation! Well budget management didn’t really have much of a foundation…

If salary budget stayed around not as many teachers would have to hit the road.

All in all, if budget cuts are put into play that might affect that raise you would get but it will help out OUR nation and if we would have done these VERY POSITIVE budget cuts sooner not as many jobs would have been gone.

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