Cut, Cap, and Balance!

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Thank you Republican Study Committee for bringing fourth a bill to stick to there plan of “cut, cap and balance” federal spending! But I am sure that Mr. Ben Hoffman from the Drudge Retort (just another wacko and loony liberal) will think that cut, cap, and balance is a horrible conservative policy! If you want to hear me rant and bitch about the moron Ben Hoffman then read my next post I will be publishing that will be all about this idiot, Ben Hoffman!

RSC Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) endorsed the bill submitted Friday by top-ranking GOP appropriator Rep. Jack Kingston (Ga.) that would cap spending at 18 percent of GDP.“It’s simple, spend what you take in. What the RSC is bringing forward is a cut, cap and balance approach: cut spending significantly in 2012, cap spending in the midterm, and long-term do a balanced budget that will actually be a game changer,” Jordan said at a press conference led by Kingston on Friday. (FROM THE HILL)

That is what I basically said in my recent post,

I said we need to cut A LOT in this upcoming budget. But what I didn’t say was cap spending in the midterm and long term do a balanced budget. Hmmm, why did no Democrats, OR EVEN CONSERVATIVES, think of this sooner? It is pretty simple. To me it sounds that the cut, cap, and balance plan is pretty reliable and it seems like it’d be pretty successful if the bill was approved! I do not see why this bill wouldn’t be approved, though.

All four GOP lawmakers indicated that they would like for the 18 percent cap proposal to be part of negotiations on increasing the debt ceiling.

“If you shoot for 20 percent then you are building in deficits and we want to eliminate the deficit,” Kingston said.

Kingston’s bill does not specify which cuts to make to discretionary and mandatory spending.

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