GOPers Don’t Want Feds Regulations to Hurt Economy ANYMORE!

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Representative Eric Cantor- Republican- Virginia 7th district

“We just can’t continue to have unintended consequences play out in the way that they have,” Cantor said. “We’re going to try and stop that.”. Those two quotes are from Rep. Eric Cantor (Republican) as he talks about the recent bill house will vote on. The bill that was brought forward for the house to vote on would require congressional approval of any federal regulation that negatively affects the economy.

A statistic Cantor used from the Small Business Administration showed that federal regulations affect $1.7 trillion in the economy. That’s, obviously, A LOT of money! The bill Cantor had endorsed will basically slow the Obama admin down. If this bill gets put into play it will make sure that the Obama admin cannot be so aggressive in fixing our economy. Obama authority can still be aggressive with their ideas BUT his decision will not be the final decision.

This a great bill and I hope the house passes this bill because I believe that then with more insight on a bill there will be less room for negative affects in the federal bills (concerning economy). It would require an up-or-down vote by Congress on any federal rule judged to have a negative economic impact of $100 million or more. The House will take up the bill this summer, a Cantor spokeswoman said.

We will see what happens this summer…

Ben Hoffman, from Drudge Retort, told me before that only the GOP members deny bills that are proposed by Democrats that would positively affect our economy…. we will see how your fellow Liberals in the house react to this bill PROPOSED BY REPUBLICANS THAT WILL AFFECT OUR ECONOMY VERY POSITIVELY, Ben!

House of Representatives- U.S.A.

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