Nancy Pelosi… you bug me.

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Nancy Pelosi

Democratic House Minority leader from California, Nancy Pelosi, was out and about defending Medicare… and you wouldn’t guess, the old hag went to Wisconsin… the home of Representative Paul Ryan (GOP). Republican, Ryan, is the man who was in charge of those Medicare cuts AND the man who chairs House Budget Committee.  Any beneficiaries 55 OR OLDER will basically have no change involved in those cuts. Younger then 55 Medicare would be turned into a voucher style system that’d require you to buy from private insurance companies. Also Ryan increased eligibility age for Medicare. Instead of the old requirement of 65 years of age you must be 67 years old (this qualification begins 2022). Nancy Pelosi and other Liberals are, of course, bitching about the Medicare cuts because they’re big on government benefit programs like Medicare and Medicaid. I have spoken many times about my thoughts on government benefit programs….

Nancy Pelosi is an old wrinkled no good politician that just honestly needs to retire. She is almost worse then Henry Waxman. Are all politicians from California ugly?

Ewwww... it's Henry Waxman

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