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I am sure you have all heard, and if you haven’t yet heard you will hear now…
Tim Pawlenty, former MN Governor, WILL BE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT IN 2012!

Pawlenty will officially announce his candidacy during a town hall-style event in Des Moines, Iowa. I look forward to see what will happen with Mr. Tim Pawlenty in the 2012 election!

Last night Pawlenty released a video sharing his plans to go to Des Moines, Iowa and make his candidacy official today, May 23rd 2011. After he is done in Iowa he will go to Florida and other early primary states.

So we all now know that Tim Pawlenty will be jumping on board with Newt Gingrich, Rep. Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Gary Johnson, Jimmy McMillan, Fred Karger, Buddy Roemer, Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney, Barack Obama, and Randall Terry to run for president in the United States Of America in 2012!

I’m wondering, and I am sure you all are curious as well, as to what will Pawlenty AND OTHER CANDIDATES have to do in 2012 to win thee election?

I do not believe that the issues really even matter anymore. I believe everyone had voted on Barack Obama last election because Obama was flashy, popular, and Hollywood-Like. Not very many people gave a shit about the issues or the beliefs Barack had on those issues. The voters who voted on Obama, I believe, only voted on him because of his ostentatious, chichi, and flamboyant ways! I am not bad-mouthing or disparaging Mr. Barack Obama… I am actually applauding thee Obama admin on the way they went through the 2008 election. Obama had great tactics in that campaign… they had great tactics from the start (February 10th 2007 when former member of Illinois Senate of the 13th District announced his candidacy for president in front of Old State Capital Building in Springfield Illinois) and the Obama admin continued stellar tactics all the way to the end (November 4 2008 when Obama won the presidency holding 365 electoral votes while opponent McCain had 173 electoral votes). Those great tactics were making the FANS DROOL OVER YOU, SOLD OUT SPEECHES, and SIGNS… hmmmm that sounds more like a CONCERT then a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY!

So what I am trying to say is that if you want to win the 2012 election for President of the United States Of America you’re going to need more fans and groupies then anything. Issues matter… but getting the love from the fans is much more important.

Also I do believe winning over the love of the youth IS A HUGE PART OF IT ALL! EVEN THOUGH, WE THE YOUTH (yes, I am apart of the youth) CANNOT VOTE, WE STILL MAKE A HUGE IMPACT!

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