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Apparently the government gave $24 billion in Recovery Act funds to contractors/vendors who failed to pay their taxes… these contractors/vendors who got the $24 billion didn’t owe a monthly payment or anything, THEY OWED MILLIONS IN UNPAID TAXES! We got a hold of this information from a nonpartisan watchdog agency (a new Government Accountability Office) report on Tuesday. This report that was given to us from a nonpartisan watchdog agency on Tuesday didn’t only show show that our government isn’t mentally capable to realize who they’re handing money out to but the report also shows that there are 15 cases (all singled out in the report) abusive or of probable criminal activities. The IRS will do further investigation…

Heres a couple of the 15 cases… A nonprofit health care organization that (based off of reports) owes $4 million dollars for payroll taxes and on numerous occasions that nonprofit health care organization has turned in “dishonored checks” to the IRS. Also an unnamed security company who received OVER $100,000 in that Recovery Act funds STILL owes more than $9 million in taxes and has constantly violated fed labor laws and decided to pay off the debts to OTHER CREDITORS but not the IRS… HOPEFULLY WE CAN STOP THESE PEOPLE WHO ARE SCAMMING OUR AMERICAN MONEY SYSTEM! Hahaha I guess it just shows how easy it is to fuck over our system…

GOP Senator Tom Coburn

I got this info from a great ABC News story I found online today… I think both me and Oklahoma Republican Senator Coburn are on the same page. “That such a huge amount of the stimulus money went to known tax cheats should be a wakeup call for Congress,” (statement from OK Sen. Coburn). I think were both pretty pissed off that citizens who cannot even pay their own taxes scrap/mooch off of the government and get BILLIONS of tax dollars. It’s depressing to see that Americans who actually pay taxes and work hard DON’T GET JACK-SHIT!

“For many years now, we’ve known that a small percentage of federal contractors and grantees who get paid with taxpayer dollars shirk their responsibility to pay their taxes,” said Democratic Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan. “Now the executive branch should get on with it and actually debar the worst of the tax cheats from the contractor workforce.”

My response to Sen. Carl Levin: Carl… if you ELECTED OFFICIALS, Republican and Democratic officials, knew about this then why would you pass those grants going to those “small percents of people” who aren’t paying their taxes? Thee executive branch needs to step in and play their part… but Senator Levin, you AND THE REST OF THOSE IN CONGRESS need to play your part as well, and until you Senator Levin and the rest of thee members of Congress can take care of business, you need to shut your big Liberal mouth about how the Executive branch needs to do something! Hmmmm, sounds as if Mr. Levin is pretty quick to call the kettle black. Also Senator Levin, if you’ve known about this “For many years now,” (portion of quote from Levin) then why is this JUST NOW being addressed? How long has the U.S.A. government been giving CITIZENS TAX DOLLARS to contractors/vendors who lack to pay their own damn taxes?

I think the grant/benefits systems (like welfare, Medicaid, Social Security, stimulus plans, govt. vouchers, govt. grants etc.) are FINALLY (thank God) starting to get noticed for what it really is… one big scam. Not only are we Americans starting to view the grant/benefits system for what they really are… but those programs/systems/organizations might actually be collapsing.

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