Are Romney’s Promises Bound To Be Broken…

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In Stratham New Hampshire two days ago on June second Mitt Romney made his announcement to run for president in 2012 and he promised to “BRING THIS COUNTRY BACK”! Romney, the 2012 GOP candidate, plans on getting elected and getting America back on track and getting this country out of this terrible economic struggle! “For millions of Americans, the economy is in crisis today. Unless we change course, it’ll be a crisis for all of us tomorrow.” Mitt Romney stated. What does it take to get a nation out of a crisis? Well, heres what Mitt Romney believes, “Turning around a crisis takes experience and bold action,”.

Mitt Romney really focused his blows at Barack Obama and the way that he poorly and stupidly handled the economy throughout Obamas term. Romney didn’t throw any low blows or bash any other GOP running members and he didn’t aim really at any other politician, Republican or Democrat. Romney plans on using the 2012 campaign to fight and stick up for thee American dream and for the free market! “The American ideals of economic freedom and opportunity need a clear and unapologetic defense,”  said Romney. “I intend to make it, because I have lived it.” New Hampshire, Florida, and Iowa are some different states that Romney is doing well in poll-wise. The economy is Romney’s primary issue. The way that the economy is going, especially the stock market, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is what Mitt Romney focuses on… Not only has Romney been a governor in Massachusetts but he is astonishing businessman. That’s exactly what this nation needs is a leader who knows how to deal with money and business.

“The state was giving away over a billion dollars in free health care, much of it to people who could have paid something but were gaming the system,” Romney said. “You won’t be surprised that a lot of Democrats thought we should be giving away even more.” The issue, health care, that Romney had brought up is Romney’s wound that many are putting salt in. Romney has been getting a lot of grief about signing the universal health care reform as governor of Massachusetts. Most of the grief he has been getting has been from fellow GOP members.

I am sure we all remember Barack Obamas campaign for president in 2009. How could you not remember all of the B.S. Barack Obama fed to us about change and hope. He was all about the performance and flash instead of actually facing the issues head on and actually focusing on the important aspect of the whole election process…. THE POLITICS! You still see that Obama is a performer. He doesn’t seem to ever live by what I consider the golden rule, practice what you preach, he’s a hypocrite. Obama can talk the talk but he cannot walk the walk. His only strategy of winning the campaign was sweet talk and playing the role of a preacher… he really sugar-coated everything. He is not candid nor is he blunt. So many people define him as well-spoken and outspoken. He’s just that good of a liar. He came across as extremely nice, honest, and he seemed as if he was a politician that actually cared. He had the best of intentions… but wheres the “happily ever after” fairytale ending? Obama made so many commitments and guarantees but he never stuck with his word. He has yet to complete what he told us he would accomplish.

I am a bit cautious about Mitt Romney and his “promises”. I am cautious because, like I had pointed out in thee above paragraph, Obama made so many great promises and never stuck to those promises… I don’t want America to get screwed over by a guy who we all thought was going to be great. I want someone who is honest and sticks to their promises. I am confident that Mitt can and will do that. I am a fan of Romney, but I’m a bit skeptical of his health care theories, but I will be more critical to Romney and his health care opinions once he takes his campaign farther down the road.


I am sorry this post is so late haha. I wish I could’ve posted it thee ACTUAL day that Romney decided to run for president.

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