Economy: Democrats Are Clueless… and In Trouble!

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The economy is truly hitting us all, EXTREMELY, hard, but it is really hitting Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign and all of thee other Democrats out there the hardest! The economy basically just bitch slapped all liberals and showed us ALL the Democrats true colors… I thought their true colors have been showing forever now but apparently not.


Rep. Sander Levin (Democrat- Michigan)

Rep. Sander Levin (Democrat in Michigan). Sander Levin felt all B.A. today by stating that spending cuts wont “WORK MIRACLES”! Well shit Sandy, I don’t see you performing any miracles?! Sandy is one of the supporters of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which was turned into a law shortly after Obama’s inauguration. The American Recovery/Reinvestment Act was supposed to create many jobs and boost our economy… well obviously that hasn’t worked because it’s been about two years since that Act became a law. There has not been many jobs created… actually jobs have been destroyed… and the economy has yet to be boosted, the economy has been completely hampered! So Sandy… I don’t think your little solution for our damned-economy is working, get a new solution, LIKE COMMON SENSE OR RETIREMENT! We all know that unemployment, obviously does not help our economy, heres what Sander has to say about that! “Unemployment benefits have a broader positive economic impact.” Sandy said that on his website. Well Sandy, you’re an idiot, that really describes him well! Unemployment benefits do not help our economy. Unemployment benefits and other programs and grants etc. hurt our economy because those things put us into a deeper and larger debt! I’m surprised Sandy hasn’t realized his plans aren’t working… I mean he is a representative for Michigan… and well, Michigan sucks.  


Obama and other Democrats have no where to hide anymore… they cannot hide behind “Hope” and “Change” and all ofthat other bull shit! There is no way that Obama or any other Democrats can hide behind the stimulus plans, the benefits, the welfare, the social security or any other debt causers. All Dems are scared to go down the path that would have spending cuts… that path would create more jobs and take away from the debt. Democrats are afraid to do anything that would help quiet the debt down. Democrats have only tried one thing to improve the economy… stimulus plans and entitlement programs. Dems are not willing to do anything else, and they’re too clueless to realize that their ideas are just NOT WORKING OUT THE WAY THEY WANT THEM TO! So, Democrats, wake up and smell the coffee. Take a look around. See where we’re at and maybe think of a solution that might help the detrimental situation we’re in!

An option for Democrats is to actually deal with the issues at hand. Obama probably wouldn’t ever come close to finishing the debt limit if it wasn’t for John Boehner… so at least we have Boehner TRYING to make Obama actually care about the debt limit situation.

Obama has been fucking up since the beginning. “This administration has been so anti-business, anti-employer and now they want to say they’re pro-jobs, ” said Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas). “You can’t exist in both worlds.” It is truly to late to do anything about the mess Obama has gotten us into! Obama isn’t being pressured enough. Everyone needs to be questioning everything Obama does. It’s pretty pathetic that we cannot even rely on Barack for ANYTHING!

Barack Obama (USA President)

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