Lets Get Serious Barack!

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On June 3rd the May Jobs Report came out and I am still not liking anything Obama has done throughout his term. Obama doesn’t even know how to handle thee economy… It’d be nice if he knew how to do that because well, the economy is what’s killing America and the American people mostly right now. Obama has no good ideas, that I’ve seen, to fix this economy. It is pretty pathetic.


Eric Cantor

We have lost 2 and a half million jobs since Obama has been elected. It is quite obvious, to me, that Obama is NOT serious about any of this! If he was serious, his administration was serious, and if his party was serious it wouldn’t be 750 days later… and still no budget. If any of those Democrats were serious then we wouldn’t STILL be stuck on 9.1% unemployment! Unemployment is bad, duh, but what’s worse then unemployment? What’s worse is the duration of your unemployment and how long it takes for you to get back on the saddle again. In May 2010 the average duration of unemployment was 35.1 weeks… in May 2011 the average duration of unemployment was 39.7. That is an increase of 4.6 weeks, that means the average in May 2012 is supposed to be 44.3 weeks of unemployment as an average!

We’ve been waiting a VERY long time for Mr. Obama to get serious and take action on the economic crisis we’re in. I am thinking it just might be too late for Obama to finally grow a pair and fix the issue like a big boy… 2012 election is nearing and Obama has no chance if he keeps acting like a little bitch about the economy issue. Obama, the economy, GOP House members, the House Budget Committee, and thee Americans are done playing hide-n’-go-seek with you. “Somehow the rhetoric falls short because thee actions have seemed to hinder job growth.” Quote from Eric Cantor as he ttalks about how Obama is all talk about fixing thee economy… but it never really happens!

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