Why Raise The Debt Ceiling?

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I was reading the Wall Street Journal today and I saw an article that really got my attention. I was reading the article and I knew I had to blog about this because I was all fired up. The article was about the debt limit deal possibly coming by July 4th.

Are Democrats Trying To Hurt Us?

I ask the question, are Democrats TRYING to hurt us? I seriously wonder… Politicians in general do stupid shit all of the time and I have learned to deal with that, but not agree with it. The GOP runs the House and the House is trying hard to get this economy back on track but Democrats are making it difficult by not wanting to cooperate AT ALL and the Republicans do not want to cooperate with the Democrats either! Democrats are killing the Republicans and are killing thee American citizens by not willing to agree on a budget and not deal with the budget at all in general.

Not only are the Democrats being defiant pricks but they are trying to raise the federal borrowing limit! That will destroy our economy. Our current debt ceiling is $14.29… that’s high enough if not too high. But, Democrats are trying to raise that debt ceiling. That is going to give the government to spend more and more money that we just don’t have. America can not handle that. Democrats want to save Medicare and Medicaid. Politicians and citizens in general all want to save the education system, the environment, public areas, land, businesses, houses, families etc. but giving the government more room to spend money that doesn’t exist will add on to the debt which will restrict America to have the opportunity to have the education system, the environment, public areas, land, businesses, houses, families, Medicare, or Medicaid! The future is coming and it’s not looking so good!

When will our elected officials stop saying and start doing? When will we, the people, rise up and take the power back? Lets not let them strip the constitution, our rights, from us! What happened to power to the people? What’s going on is terrible and the path we are traveling is horrible, but it’s not too late, it’s never too late to get back what was originally ours!


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