Democrats Have No Chance In 2012!

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I am not sure who thee next president will be but what I am sure about is that IT WILL BE A REPUBLICAN! Democrats are pretty much counted out in my book. GOP already has numerous amounts of candidates that are official… but the three current candidates that I believe have a huge chance of getting elected are Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, and Herman Cain! So many people are counting Mitt Romney out JUST BECAUSE OF HIS HEALTH CARE PAST but I see Romney as a great guy for the job of President. One crazy liberal who believes Romney has no chance is Brittany Foster the author of the blog, Election Eyes.

Democrats 2012

Democrats don’t have a very good list of candidates or possible candidates… it’s not the longest list either. Here’s their list.

  1. President: Barack Obama VP: Joe Biden

President Barack Obama

That’s it. Obama and Biden will not succeed in 2012! Obama and Biden have very foggy policies. Thee Obama admin has such a terrible view on thee economy issue which will be the key point in the 2012 election! People need to focus on the negative outcomes of the Obama admin. There are so many negatives but the spotlighted and very important negatives have been the terrible “job growth” (as Obama calls what he’s done), the lack of economic growth, and the outrageous policies of Obama that are completely anti-job, anti-business, and anti-growth!

Obama is trying so hard to quickly cover up his negative outcomes on this nation by trying to hurry and get advice from the job¬†council of the WH so he can create 1 million jobs, he’s hurrying to take a huge stand on this war on terror and take out big names of Al-Qaeda, he’s trying so hard to get the economy back on track so it shows to thee American people, yes he is doing a great job, but why is he only doing so well under the circumstances of him either getting re-elected or not? It took Obama almost all of his term to finally start waking up and begin doing his job.

Obama and Liberals in general have no hope for the 2012 election!

(Left): VP Joe Biden (Right): President Barack Obama

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