Anthony Weiner…. RESIGNS! (!!!VIDEO!!!)

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Thursday June 16th… New York‘s congressman Anthony Weiner… made his official announcement… TO RESIGN FROM THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS!

“Today I’m announcing my resignation from Congress so my colleagues can get back to work, my neighbors can choose a new representative and more importantly that my wife and I can continue to heal from the damage I have caused,”

Anthony Weiner Resigns...

That was a quote from US Representative, Democrat Anthony Weiner. Anthony Weiner just wants America to get back to work and start focusing on more important issues then the picture that Weiner had tweeted. The picture that was tweeted was a huge scandal and took a lot of time away from serious issues in Congress, real news coverage of the media, and time of the daily lives of the people. Finally Weiner decided to ACTUALLY take accountability for his actions. Weiner just apologizing and going back to work was not a real solution to the scandal… the real solution to the scandal was Anthony resigning and him resigning is enough and all that America needs!


“I’m here today to again apologize for the personal mistakes I have made and the embarrassment I have caused,”

I am extremely disappointed Weiner HAD to resign. Weiner was a great congressman. He fought for the middle-class and was honestly one of thee only Democratic politicians I have ever even liked! He was hilarious and he knew what he was doing… but he made a mistake. I have slandered Anthony quite a bit about all of this, but he made a mistake, like all of us have done. I am not sticking up for him or justifying what he did or trying to minimize what he’s done. He deserves all of the negative attention he is getting and he needed to resign and I am glad he’s not in congress any more. It’s a shame such a good politician had to screw himself over…

Later on in the video below you will hear a lot of people yelling and cheering when Weiner says he’ll resign. A lot of people found humor in that… I am one of those people who found humor in it ha ha. The people who were yelling were some of the staffers of the “Howard Stern Show“. They were also asking Weiner the question “Are you more then seven inches?!”. Hahahaha that’s what I thought was hilarious! What a great question, right?

Anthony Weiner Resigns...

What really bugged me about this video was a statement made by Weiner, “most importantly, so that I can continue to heal from the damage that I have caused.”. That statement was just one of the reasons he felt he needed to resign. Sorry Weiner, but you sound a bit selfish and stupid when you say that. That just made yourself look worse. What is there for you to heal from? What anguish have you procured from this whole scandal? None… you have caused pain to others, such as your wife, family, supporters, political party, citizens, colleagues, admirers etc.  You need professional help… so the only healing you will need is some treatment. I am sure he has plenty of pain and sorrow from all of this, and I respect that, but it’s wrong for you to be public about your regrets and misfortunes to just gain condolences from the outsiders looking in on all of this.



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