American Economy: Putting It Back Together!

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It’s obvious that America is not doing so swell right now. We were the strongest economy out there, and I still do believe that our country could be the strongest economy in the world. The two strongest economy’s right now are by far Japan and the European Union. To be more specific it’s Japan and Germany by a landslide. Germany and Japan both have very high GDP’s and great exports and their monetary policies are great! Most people think China has the best economy but China doesn’t. China has a VERY HIGH GDP and great exports but they still have monetary policy kinks to work out. America is lagging almost all of that. Our GDP isn’t that great, we virtually have NO exports, we import everything, our employment is terrible, our debt is outrageous, we are so dependent on ALL of our resources and the people running our country aren’t managing our money very well.

How can we get our economy back together?!?!

  • Create American products and start exporting. Creating American products is the solution to two things. It solves the problem that we haven’t been exporting enough and if we are creating more products that means we need more workers to do that which means there is more jobs being created.
  • Quit importing internationally. That just costs us money and puts us more in debt. If you do that tax the nations like Japan and China more for importing.
  • Start being independent with resources. We don’t need to pay other nations to give us oil and gas. We have oil and gas and other resources here in America…. SO USE THEM!
  • No more bailouts or stimulus packages. When you create bailouts and/or stimulus packages it’s unpaid money aka DEBT!
  • Don’t spend money we don’t have. This is the biggest thing we could do to stay out of debt. It’s idiotic to spend money you don’t have… it just isn’t logical.
  • We don’t need welfare to survive. KEEP THAT IN MIND LIBERALS!

There is so much more we can do to fix our economy I am sure but I think those are the most important things we need to do!


There has been so much talk about thee economy, the debt, unemployment etc. But so many people are talking about the debt ceiling. Some believe that RAISING the debt ceiling would be a positive thing for America and thee economy. I see it as it would be positive for the big spending liberals in our government! The debt ceiling gets raised then our government will spend till we reach that limit, AGAIN, and then we will have to raise our debt ceiling… AGAIN!

So basically how I feel is we don’t need to worry about raising the debt ceiling. Raising the debt ceiling is just like saying “Lets see how much more debt we can pile on!”. We need to focus on how to payoff this outrageous debt.

Obama, Thanks For Finally Joining Us!

The only good news about this post is Obama has finally decided to start doing his job today. Today Barack really showed he was in it to win it because he had a meeting this morning with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev) and a meeting this afternoon with Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky). Obama says that he is now going to join all this about the debt and economy!

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