Immigration Laws: Not Going To Work…

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South CarolinaNikki Haley, the Governor of South Carolina and daughter of immigrants from India, signed a bill on Monday that has VERY strict laws about immigration. The laws are very similar to thee Arizona and Alabama immigration laws. January is when SC will begin enforcing this much needed law.

Ali Noorani- Executive Director of National Immigration Forum

Federal judges have shot down four of the five states from implementing this very extreme immigration laws and it’s not looking to promising for South Carolina to get the federal courts in favor of this law.  Not only is the federal judges opposed to this bill, but also a man named Ali Noorani. Noorani is thee executive director of the National Immigration Forum. Ali Noorani completely spoke out against Governor Haley in his forum on Monday June 27th, the day the bill was signed by Governor Haley. The quote of Noorani speaking against Haley is below.

“South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley signed draconian immigration legislation that is a waste of taxpayer funds, a grave mistake, and a defiance of common sense.”

Noorani had a whole post in the National Immigration Forum all about Governor Haley and the new bill signed yesterday. What Noorani doesn’t understand is that illegal immigration is a problem. We do not need people sneaking into America and have them receive all of the different benefits we get. They get those benefits… but they get the benefits virtually for free. That’s not okay with me! Illegal aliens are not okay in my book. But the immigrants that become legal are okay in my book. I support becoming legal 100%!

Noorani and others who disagree with cracking down on illegal immigration, think about it this way, you have some random person sneaking onto your property (obviously WITHOUT your permission). They live on your property without your knowledge or consent, go take your food, have those great benefits of your house like your hot tub and basketball hoop etc. Here’s the problem…. you’re paying for all of those benefits like your water bill, electric bill, house payments, food etc. but those trespassers get to have all of that for free because you’re paying! That’s just like illegal aliens. They get everything in the USA without paying taxes and actually being a true American, while you have to pay and while you are a true American. All in all, we’re paying for their stay here. For them it’s like having a free stay at the Holiday Inn!

It’s frustrating to see illegal immigrants come to our great nation and steal our jobs and make money, not pay taxes, and get other American benefits (even though they’re not Americans) like welfare, health care, social security etc.

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