Cutting Social Security: DEMOCRATS OPPOSE!

Posted on July 7, 2011 by


Democrats are refusing to cut ANY social security so that our government can, finally, get a deal on federal spending and the debt limit. There’s been talk that Obama was saying that he wanted to cut some spending from SS (social security). Well, Democrats were/are not in favor of this idea so they came together with the elderly and are telling Mr. Obama no way, we will not stand for these cuts in SS. Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, the senior Democrat on the House Budget Committee, was the one to say that all Dems would oppose this idea. “Any discussion of Social Security should be on a separate track,” said Van Hollen.

According the Sander M Levin (Michigan Democratic Representative) cutting SS would “place new burdens on the backs of seniors.”. Another Democrat who is against the cuts of SS is Representative Xavier Becerra of California, a member of the House Democratic leadership. “The cuts in Social Security benefits would grow larger as retirees age, and seniors who rely most on Social Security to pay for basic necessities would receive the biggest benefit cuts.” said Rep. Becerra.

We have to cut social security. We are so far in debt that we have nothing else, honestly, to do. If we don’t cut SS then it will leave more and more room for SS to spend oodles and oodles of $$$. SS is a huge part of our debt. We can stop social security from adding more to the debt… by cutting SS. But, if we let the Dems REFUSE to cut SS then we are basically saying, “Go ahead. Swell up our national debt EVEN MORE!”.



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