Economy: A Long Lost Tale

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Yesterdays speech that Obama gave wasn’t that great. I am happy that he is finally starting to step up to the plate and start dealing with the deficit! But, I still feel it’s a bit late…. and also, why is he JUST NOW stepping up and dealing with this issue?

“We are gonna get this done by August 2nd!”

That above quote was from Obama at the White House press conference. So, expect everything to be solved by August 2nd… according to Barack. But why should we trust he’ll have it done by then? He promised so much many other times and never got it done… like throughout his WHOLE campaign he promised so much but didn’t get it done. “Medicare is stronger and more secure,” said Obama in August of 2010… well if it was truly more secure in August of 201o then why is Medicare in the can now? Obama has this bad habit of saying what others want to hear…. even if it isn’t true!

So, why is Obama just now stepping up and dealing with thee economy? It’s pretty simple why he’s doing it now, because he knows that elections are coming up and he knows he screwed up by not intervening into all of this deficit/debt talk!


I say that Obama is willing to let this country shatter into pieces because he said also yesterday that if we want to do another short term deal (because we couldn’t get a deal by the 2nd) then Obama will reject that deal. Obama doesn’t care if this country is going to go into default, it’s either one big deal or no deal at all for Obama. But, what frustrates me is that this is not a game. Obama doesn’t get that we don’t want our country to go into default… I feel like the president is somewhat on the right track because he is “willing to move in their (GOP) direction to get something done.”. Also, I am happy to see that House Speaker John Boehner and President Obama are agreeing “that the current levels of spending, including entitlement spending, are unsustainable” (quote from Boehner press conference yesterday).


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