It’s Not Time To Throw In the Towel!

Posted on July 13, 2011 by


My last post today was about how Mitch McConnell (R-KY) was pitching a balanced budget amendment. I am happy that Mitch is in favor of a balanced budget amendment. Majority GOP members are very much so in favor of  a balanced budget amendment! But, what I am not in favor of, is raising the debt ceiling. We know the debt ceiling WILL be raised… And that’s that! But, I am hoping (and pretty sure) the debt ceiling proposal from any GOP members will cut, cap, balance, and raise the debt ceiling.

One GOP member that has the shittiest and worst proposal is Mitch McConnell! I am supporting him about the balanced budget amendment but NOT the debt ceiling proposal. Yesterday evening he proposed a raise of the debt ceiling… but not any average raise. McConnell’s proposal is letting Obama have thee authority to raise the debt ceiling himself! Obama can raise it all that he wants! That’s wrong and I am not in favor. Obama will raise the debt ceiling all he wants. When Obama raises it then more and more liberals will do the normal liberal thing…. spend spend spend!


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