We Need A Balanced Budget!

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Four days ago, July 9th of 2011, Barack Obama posted on the White House site his usual “Weekly AddressYouTube video. He made some very powerful comments on the video about our fiscal challenges and economic struggles. His weekly address, last week, was titled, “Working Together To Meet Our Fiscal Challenges”. Some of the things he stated in that video that stood out to me were, “We cannot afford to default”,  “I believe we need a balanced approach”, “We need to get our fiscal house in order” and some other comments that were about getting our economy back on the right track! I am glad to hear that Obama is saying that. But is he actually sticking to what he’s said?

Senate Republican Mitch Mcconnell (from KY) today pitched a balanced budget amendment to the White House. A balanced budget amendment is just an amendment that WOULDN’T ALLOW A STATE TO SPEND MORE MONEY THEN WHAT THEY HAVE! And we couldn’t have done this ANY sooner? This has been what we honestly needed all along! Isn’t the debt just our government spending more money then what we’ve got? I like what McConnell has done with thee balanced budget amendment! I don’t want the balanced budget amendment so we can deal with the present, I want thee amendment so our future is secure. When we do strike a debt ceiling deal and get that done and when we get a budget in action then we will NEED the balanced budget amendment because without it the Liberals will just put us back into the spot we are in now!

“Without a balanced-budget amendment, nothing will prevent future congressional Democrats and liberal Republicans from raising the debt ceiling again and erasing any spending cuts made now. The amendment is the key to keeping government spending, debt, and taxes in check,” – Quote from: The Club for Growth

“Republicans should reject any debt ceiling deal that does not include a Balanced Budget Amendment and spending cuts,” – Quote from: Representative Rand Paul (R-KY)

“A Balanced Budget Amendment doesn’t even require the signature of the President. It simply needs Congress to stand up and act.” – Quote from: Representative Rand Paul (R-KY)

So, the balanced budget amendment sounds great, right? Not so much to Barack and the White House. The balanced budget amendment is already out of the picture! The Obama admin is not in favor of the amendment. That’s why I sounded so pissed in the first paragraph! Obama, if you “believe we need a balanced approach” then why are you against THE BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT? Your approach without thee amendment doesn’t sound so balanced…

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