Close To A DEAL! Supposedly….

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Thee Obama Admin has told the Democratic party leaders that President Barack Obama and Speaker Of the House John Boehner are VERY close to a deal! This budget deal they’re so close to having would enact substantial spending cuts and seek future revenues through a tax overhaul, Congressional officials said Thursday.

So it’s quite obvious to me Barack Obama was bluffing. Barack Obama WASN’T going to make ANY spending cuts, but now he is finally starting to gain some common sense. That’s why the GOP did the right thing by being stubborn and by not throwing in the towel. If the GOP would’ve thrown in the towel then we wouldn’t be making our president say YES to the deal that the GOP wanted. The only downfall is the Dems are still hoping for a raise in the debt ceiling…. which will more than likely happen.

We know that the cuts that Obama is finally agreeing on will include cuts and adjustments in most federal programs like Medicare. So, many senior citizens will not be happy about this I’m sure BUT I am still sticking with my Conservative thoughts that these cuts ARE NECESSARY AND WILL GET THOSE FEDERAL PROGRAMS (like Medicare) BACK ON TRACK!

So basically I am hoping Obama and other Liberals will follow the GOP by not raising debt limit without equal spending cuts. Spending cuts equal to thee amount the debt ceiling being raised is a fantastic idea! If we do that then that means we wont go into default BUT the Democrats cannot spend as they please! I sure hope the GOP doesn’t give into the Democrats bitching and make a deal that they want. The GOP needs to stick with THEIR OWN deal so we can get Government spending under control. GOP needs to just continue taking the path they’re on.

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