Oslo, Norway Bombing… How Much Longer Till’ USA Helps?

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LA Times Bombing Story: The gunman who went on a shooting rampage at a youth camp on an island near Olso on Friday fired shots from two weapons for an hour and a half before surrendering to authorities, Norwegian police officials said Saturday.

It took police 40 minutes to get on the island after Anders Behring Breivik began shooting, Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim said at a news conference. He told reporters that police officials had responded as “quickly as possible” but there were problems getting boats to transport officials to Utoya Island, where the Worker’s Youth League, the youth wing of Norway’s Labor Party, was attending an annual gathering.

The shootings came after a bomb explosion outside a government building in Oslo that police confirmed was caused by a car bomb. Sponheim said a witness saw the vehicle standing for a long time outside the building.


I am not going to go very in depth in this post… I just wanted everyone to see the story and see what happened and I wanted to say/ask one thing! My question is, when will America intervene? I am not saying the USA will FOR SURE be stepping in and helping out in Norway… but we know how our President Barack Obama is when it comes to helping everyone around the globe! I just wouldn’t be shocked if the USA steps in and gets right in the business of Norway. It’s a tragic incident and I hope Norway gets back to normal daily life because we in the States have experienced a very tragic incident involving terrorist activity (9/11, Oklahoma City Bombing, etc.) and it’s very tough!

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