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After these sex allegations brought upon Mr.David Wu he is saying that he will be resigning. The allegations are of sexual misconduct with A TEENAGE GIRL! Right as soon as the story broke Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) House Minority Leader  had called for an ethics investigation of the house.

Then today Mr. Wu had declared he would be resigning from his duties in congress. He earlier today in a statement he said his duties in congress was “the greatest privilege of my life”. Wu will still have to go through the legal process of all of this (I am sure).

But, don’t expect for Wu to be gone immediately… Wu will not be resigning immediately, unfortunately. He said he plans on resigining  “upon the resolution of the debt-ceiling crisis” right away! But does Congress, America and the First District of Oregon REALLY need Wu to stick around as a representative? Does he ACTUALLY think he is a huge factor in this debt ceiling debate? If Wu stays in Congress till thee end of the debt ceiling debate I hope he doesn’t bring his scandal drama into Congress during that time and take everyones focus away from thee important legislation!

ALSO according to LA Times once Wu resigns he will be replaced by a Democrat… unless any GOP members decide to step up for a special election and decide to run against possible candidates like Oregon Governor  John  Kitzhaber OR Brad Avakian, the state labor commissioner. But Allen Alley the Oregon GOP Chairman made it sound like a possibility for a GOP member to run because of this statement, “In a special election, since there isn’t someone at the top of the ticket, it’s all about energy,”. So we will see what happens… and JUST RESIGN WU!!

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