Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) was arrested outside the White House

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WHAT DO YOU KNOW!? Another Democrat is making a name for himself…. not only in Congress to thee American people but also a big name to the law! Rep. Gutierrez was arrested to outside of the White House while protesting against illegal immigrant deportation. Democrats are really hurting themselves and making a terrible name for themselves.

Gutierrez spokesman Douglas Rivlin said the congressman was arrested with other pro-immigration advocates after a Lafayette Square rally.

Sergeant David Schlosser, U.S. public information officer for the D.C. Park Police, said 11 people were arrested for “violating regulations for demonstrations in front of the White House,” and for “disobeying an official to come in compliance,”. Sergeant Schlosser didn’t say that Rep. Gutierrez was one of thee 11 people in custody.

Protesting is one thing but once you’re asked to leave by park police you had best listen unless you want to get arrested. Some protesters sat in front of the White House fence and refused to listen to the park police while the police were asking for them to leave and that’s what lead to the arrest. At press time those arrested had not yet been identified by the D.C. Park Police.

Mr. Luis Gutierrez isn’t a first time offender, though. He got arrested back in May of 2010 for a similar protest in front of White House gates! I guess Luis just didn’t learn his lesson.

It’s funny… I just got done writing about a crazy liberal named David Wu and now I am writing about a crazy liberal named Luis Gutierrez… AND THEY’RE BOTH GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS! DAMN IDIOTS ON THE LEFT!

Those arrested on Tuesday were handcuffed and taken to a van to transport them to the Park Police headquarters in Anacostia Park, Rivlin said. The protesters included representatives from the Center for Community Change and Casa de Maryland.


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