Debt Limit Plan Expected To Be Voted On…. TODAY!

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The House passed the rule along party lines (238-186) for House Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) plan to lift the debt ceiling. The House now begins debate on the bill itself. The vote to pass the bill is expected to take place after the U.S. markets close at 4 pm today. Speaker Boehner released a revised version of his proposal Wednesday evening, which cuts $917 billion dollars of spending over ten years.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said that should the House pass Boehner’s bill, the Senate will vote to table – or discard – the measure this evening.

That block quote above was from a C-SPAN Story today. Right now I am also currently watching the house debate on raising the federal debt limit. Everyone already knows the GOP is against raising the debt ceiling WITHOUT spending cuts while Dems are all for raising the debt ceiling a whole bunch and then not making any cuts what so ever!

The Dems plan is ridiculous and I have been upset about this for a while.

Like I said I am watching the House debate on the federal debt ceiling. “We can’t keep spending money we just don’t have!” Said Rep Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin). Paul Ryan said the problem, “spending money we just don’t have!”, and he was just talking about the solution…. CUT SPENDING MORE THEN EQUAL THEN THE RAISE OF THE DEBT CEILING! And that is the GOP plan! The Liberals have no idea what a reasonable solution is and that’s also a big issue!

But another issue is that GOP doesn’t have enough votes in thee house and if  the GOP does get enough votes Harry Reid and the US Senate plans on defeating the Boehner bill! Doing that will be a completely idiotic move.


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