BREAKING: House Approves Boehner Debt Ceiling Plan!

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After a mass amount of distress, anger, disagreement, debating and fighting in Congress for the past 24 hrs the House has finally took a vote on Boehner‘s revised and edited Debt Ceiling Plan… the House VOTED YES.

The bill passed on a 218-210 vote. Democrats and 22 GOP members had voted no on this bill. It was a tight-quarters vote but all in all it made it. But that’s the easiest part of it all. Extreme Liberal, Harry Reid (Democrat- Nevada) promises to get rid of the Boehner bill as soon as it enters the Senate…. and that is what will more then likely happen! And because the bill will more then likely not pass the Senate Harry Reid is working on his own plan to win over the GOP. But, I bet Harry Reid cannot leave his Liberal beliefs just to please the GOP and therefore I believe he will fail.

“Put something on the table. Tell us where you are!” Boehner stated while the Republicans in the chamber hollered and cheered. “I stuck my neck out a mile to try to get an agreement with the president of the United States. … I put revenues on the table in order to try to come to an agreement to avoid us being where we are.”

The Budget Control Act of 2011 would create and enforce discretionary spending caps to cut and restrain spending over the next ten years.  According to CBO, the bill would reduce total spending by $917 billion between FY 2012 and FY 2021, relative to CBO’s current baseline, and provide for a $900 billion increase in the statutory debt limit, subject to a Congressional disapproval process.  The bill would cut a total of $22 billion in spending in FY 2012.  In addition, the bill would require that a Balanced Budget Amendment be approved in the House and Senate and sent to the states for ratification before the debt limit could be raised under procedures established in the bill.  The bill would establish a Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction to identify $1.8 trillion in deficit reduction and allow for an additional increase of the debt limit of $1.6 trillion (subject to disapproval), if the deficit reduction plan set forth by the joint select committee is enacted and the Balanced Budget Amendment is sent to the states.  The bill would also provide mandatory savings through enhanced program integrity and address the Pell Grant shortfall, offset by making reforms to the student loan program.

Budget Control Act 2011 EXEC SUMMARY

I can honestly say I am not happy with this bill and I know I will not be happy with Harry Reid’s plan EITHER. I know this plan will make much deeper cuts then Reid’s plan because Reid is a liberal. I would prefer deeper larger cuts then small minor cuts. This bill is leaving room for the debt ceiling to get raised even more then cuts. Boehner’s bill is letting Liberals do whatever they want with raising the debt ceiling and spending our citizens money.

I am split and torn apart. I obviously won’t follow the liberals and root for their plan to approve because I know that Dems have a plan I completely APPALL! But at the same time I support certain parts of Boehner’s bill BUT there’s different parts I do not like. I guess I can just hope that our government can make the right decisions… but I bet my wishes will not come true because our government leaders are corrupt and clueless.

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