But Compromising Is No Fun!

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Late Saturday night in Washington our nations lawmakers came together too POSSIBLY strike a deal (compromise as they call it).

All day Saturday, Senate leaders tried to cobble together a coalition in a divided Congress. The aim was to reach the kind of agreement most economists, investors and foreign governments all along have believed would emerge before the world’s biggest economy was subjected to an unprecedented risk.

The potential deal that was in the works late Saturday would include an agreement to raise the debt ceiling by at least the $2.4 trillion President Obama had requested without requiring a second round of congressional approvalRepublicans had sought, according to a Democratic official familiar with the talks who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the negotiations.

The deal would cut long-term federal spending in two phases. A first phase would cut about $1.2 trillion over the next decade from federal agency budgets. A second phase would create a bipartisan committee to propose a further $1.6 trillion in deficit-reduction measures later this year.

LA Times Story

This compromise sounds like a terrible idea. I am very upset because both sides promised a great deal and this deal sounds too liberal for me. Raising the debt ceiling $2.4trillion with ONLY $1.2trillion in cuts leaves our government to add $1.2trillion to our debt which is unacceptable and we need greater cuts then the raise of the debt ceiling. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell seems to be the main GOP member in favor of this. I am not in favor of this at all. There’s no one to blame now… Not GOP or Liberals. I guess it will all play out however the GOVERNMENT (not the people) want it to play out!

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