Debt Ceiling Bill Votes YES In House… Senates Turn!

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One voting session down one to go! Monday night House voted yes on the debt ceiling bill and tomorrow, Tuesday, Senate will vote on this bill. If this bill goes through Senate with a “yes vote” then it will prevent a Govt. default tomorrow. If Senate says no (which is unlikely) then our Govt. will go into a very historic default.

Senators John Boozman, Tim Griffin, and  Mark Pryor all agree that this bill is GOOD AND THEY WILL ALL VOTE YES TOMORROW!

This bill the House passed and the senate will likely pass will be adding $2.4trillion to the debt ceiling and will be cutting ABOUT $1trillion from the budget. This plan is supposedly going to cut about $3trillion from our national deficit… that’s a bunch of lies. How do you expect that to work when the debt ceiling raise is $1.4trillion larger then the cuts? That just won’t work. It leaves A LOT of room for our big spending Govt. to spend!

“A year ago, Congress was debating at how much money to spend, a year later everybody is talking about how much spending we’re going to reduce. That is a major shift, that is a cultural change, that in itself is a victory.” -SENATOR TIM GRIFFIN!

My thoughts on Mr. Griffins quotes are completely opposite of what he thinks. He thinks that’s a victory? A victory in my mind would’ve been our Congressmen/women would’ve been more responsible a year ago so we wouldn’t be worried about this issue. Spending is a problem and our Govt. should have picked up on that much sooner then now!


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