Democrats Angry At Obama!

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Though the White House boasted about a triumph for compromise, Left-wingers felt betrayed, saying the price of striking a deal to raise the US borrowing limit had been much too high. Representative Emanuel Cleaver, a Missouri Democrat, said of the deal: “On the surface it looks like a Satan sandwich.” Another, Cedric Richmond from New Orleans, said he feared it would have a “devastating impact” on low earners, with the working and middle classes bearing the brunt of the cuts. The bill was expected to pass the Senate on Monday night, but party leaders from both sides in the House were non-committal on whether they had the necessary votes. Today is the deadline set by the US Treasury to raise the debt ceiling and avoid the first default in the country’s history. However, it could still run into last minute problems. An alliance in the House of Representatives of discontented liberal congressmen and Tea Party Republicans who want even more spending cuts could yet unite to defeat the bill. -Telegraph Story

Obama making stupid decisions in the WH (white house) are going to severely harm Obama’s 2012 election opportunities. Barack has just lately been digging himself a larger grave to bury himself in. Ever since Obama decided to join the talk about debt it has showed America THE TRUE BARACK OBAMA! So now President Obama isn’t only having thee US citizens turn on him… but his own party is turning on him as well!

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