Huffington Post Encourages Supporting Obama… WHY?

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From the beginning, President Obama has laid out the vision and provided the guidance on what needs to be done to right our financial ship and avoid economic disaster. Unfortunately, Congress has been impotent when it comes to serving the American people. Political gamesmanship, strategic brinksmanship and the preservation of rigid and untenable ideological positions have made Speaker John Boehner and his Republican caucus members impossible to work with. Indeed, an agreement in the works between President Obama and Speaker Boehner — that included new revenues — was imminent, until the Speaker was strong-armed by the radical fringe of his caucus and forced to walk away from negotiations with the President.

With Congress being the most hated group of government officials in America (75.3% DISAPPROVAL!!!) many Americans seem to have forgotten who our president is and what he’s done. It’s quite obvious many US Citizens think that Obama is trying his hardest and isn’t impacting our country as a whole negatively because his  approval percentage is 44.6%. Many Americans are forgetting all of thee different neglected promises from Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign. It’s pretty disheartening that the ’08 “Black Jesus“, or as Rush Limbaugh would say, “The Magic Negro“, based majority of his platform last presidential campaign on job growth and getting Americans back to work…. but I have yet to fall into his brainwashing tactics he has to make you think he’s a God. So I see the truth that this “Change” has absolutely no “Hope”!

It’s pretty pathetic that the Huffington Post would even put this on their site. I read all of thee article and it was, obviously, very liberal. You could tell it would be an EXTREMELY liberal post if you just read the title! Barack Obama deserves no support. He’s the president and he needs to act like a president. I don’t feel bad for Mr. Obama because if this job is too hard for him and if he just cannot handle it then he should have never ran in the first place. The Huffington Post shouldn’t even try to put it all on John Boehner and the GOP party.

Barack Obama has been described as outgoing, inspiring, well-spoken, smart etc. And honestly all of those things are true! Why do you think Obama won in 2008? He had such a great voice! It was inspiring whenever he talked.

During ’08 I was only 11 years old and I didn’t really pay a lot of attention to politics… it just was to confusing. But I understood enough to form an opinion. I was very conservative but I still remember that all of Baracks promises in his speeches were so great and he spoke of his policies with such class, intelligence and discernment. But that was his great disguise that fooled all of America into voting for him and for worshiping him!

All of those promises have shattered and are still shattering. His average unemployment rate has been 9.4%! That disgusts me to think that he can still have such a high approval rating EVEN THOUGH his average unemployment is higher then any of George W Bush‘s (the man that Obama says gave him a terrible economy) unemployment ratings through his two terms!

I’m not going to just blame Obama. Congress gets credit for this disaster we’re in as well… but Obama and his administration are the leaders and him and his staff has failed to get control of our country they are supposed to!

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