Bi Lingual Ballots In Colorado: WHY?

Posted on August 9, 2011 by


In Colorado Spanish edition ballots will be REQUIRED in 16 counties, currently in 10 counties. This is because the “Voting Rights Act“. I am not sure if it is just me but this Act really drives me crazy! Last I checked I was living in America. I am a firm believer in having ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS speaking English! Sharon Simpson,  said in a video with Fox News 21, “When you come to this country and you want to vote you need to speak the language of this country, which is English!” Sharon then said later on in the video, “I love foreign languages, I love second languages etc. But I think that if we want to be a UNITED NATION we need to speak a language IN COMMON.”. I agree with both of those statements Sharon had made. NOT ONLY is this going to go against thee American language, English, but it may cost extra. Something as silly and non-necessary like a bi-lingual ballot why should we have to put it into our budget and spend money we could use for more important things?

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