Obama 2012 Re-Election: Doubt, Doubt, Doubt!

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2012 isn’t looking very likely for Mr. Obama. Not only do I and other conservative citizens and conservative government officials doubt Barack and his campaign for 2012, but even his own Democratic party is doubting him and wondering, “Would have Hillary Clinton made a better president?”. I believe an ape could have ran our country better then president Obama!

It’s getting very hard for Liberals to love and support Obama. It’s impossible for me to support Obama though. Obama has had America biting their nails and wondering, “What is going to happen next in the White House?!”. Obama is just putting this economy in the ground. He has given thee American nation a terrible name.

Obama SHOULDN’T win in 2012. American voters need to, before they turn in their ballot in 2012, look and see what Obama has done so far since 2009. And when you do look and see what Mr. Obama has done in 2009 THEN you will really see he has done more negative then positive. And everything negative he caused in the US he blames on Bush! Obama has convinced himself that he’s “inherited” this terrible economy and he hasn’t done ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to have hurt the economy, nations security, healthcare, Social Security, debt, deficit, budget etc. Obama believes he has done nothing wrong…. BUT THE FACTS ARE HE HAS HURT THIS COUNTRY MORE THEN ANYTHING HE COULD POSSIBLY INHERIT! OBAMA HAS SCREWED THIS COUNTRY SO HARD!

“We do have a serious problem in terms of debt and deficit, and much of it I inherited,” Obama said

“What’s absolutely true, even before these last couple days in the stock market, is that recovery wasn’t happening fast enough,” he said. “When you have problems in Europe and in Spain and in Italy and in Greece, those problems wash over into our shores,” he said.

Yes Obama say what you want…. it was Spain and Europe and Italy and Greece! Shockingly he didn’t mention and blame George W Bush or Rush Limbaugh or Sarah Palin.

Not only was Obama playing the blame game he went onto say, “What we’re going to have is 16 months in which we debate this vision for America, and it’s going to be as fundamental a debate as 2008,”. But Obama, your “fundamental a debate” in ’08 listed all of these visions of “Change” you had for America… but those visions NEVER came true so why in the hell should we even believe that there will be a new vision that’ll come true in 16 months!? Obama is ignorant for even thinking that there will be a “vision” in 16 months! Obama has nearly had four years to create a vision and make it come to life… but that never happened. So there will be no new “vision” coming true in 16 months or in 2012 if he gets re-elected!

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