“This land is your land” IF YOU HAVE A GREEN CARD!

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WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama promised a Hispanic group Monday that he’d continue to push for sweeping immigration reform even as he acknowledged frustration with his administration on the matter.

Speaking before the National Council of La Raza, Obama noted he had promised during the campaign “to work tirelessly to fix immigration laws and make the Dream Act a reality” so that the children of undocumented immigrants could stay in the U.S. and study.

He blamed Republicans and the Washington climate where “compromise is becoming a dirty word” for blocking the legislation last December. -CNS News Story

What do you know, Barack Obama, blaming somebody else? Not too shocking to me! I do not honestly care if there is kids here getting an amazing American education… they’re illegal, just like their parents, so send them out of OUR country (NOT THEIRS). I do not honestly care if they do not get thee education that American kids get!

I am all for becoming legal, but do it the right way! I don’t want illegals living in our country getting free food stamps, getting Medicare/Medicaid, getting government benefits etc. They’re not tax paying LEGAL citizens. Illegal immigrants steal jobs, don’t pay taxes, get benefits like welfare and Medicaid/Medicare and don’t pay taxes. That screws with the cycle to keep those programs and benefits alive. The cycle is you pay taxes that go to the benefits which then keeps that benefit or program alive then you get those benefits.

Maybe the solution is we just should privatize those benefit programs? No public welfare, no food stamps, no housing programs. If people want programs like that, make it YOUR OWN CHARITY RAN BY DONATIONS LIKE MEALS ON WHEELS OR CHURCH RAN HOMELESS SHELTERS! I would be a fan of government grants and programs but to bad our president and other government officials have NO CLUE how to run that (they barely even know how to run the rest of this nation!).



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