GOP’s 2nd Debate In Ames, Iowa: How’d It Go?

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The debate was pretty good! THANK THE LORD we didn’t have a moderator that was extremely annoying that constantly interrupted like the last GOP debate ran by CNN’s  John King  in New Hampshire. I’m also happy the moderator of last nights debate, Brett Baier, didn’t ask idiotic ‘this or that’ questions that didn’t even matter.

Brett Baier did a good job moderating the debate, Chris Wallace is just a pain in the ass and I hated his presence at the debate (him being at the debate might have been worse than his Sunday show on Fox News), Byron York was mediocre, and Susan Ferrechio did an ‘okay’ job as well.

Fox News was obviously trying to show they’re thee only news station to ask the tough questions. I felt they asked tough questions and I felt that they were trying so hard to get the GOP party to start bashing each other. The debate didn’t focus on Obama and how terrible of a president he is. The candidates needed to address the issue (Obama) and not go against each other like Pawlenty did.

  • Mitt Romney: Mitt Romney had one hell of a performance and he obviously won the debate! Mitt Romney is the front-runner and the GOP’s main man. He answered every question perfectly and NOBODY on that stage could have done a better job.
  • Michele Bachmann: Michelle Bachmann did a job well done. Right off the bat she was on fire. She did an excellent job dealing with all of the B.S. that Pawlenty has been trying so hard to give her! She showed EVERYONE last night she could be a serious threat… and I do believe that there will be more excitement from Mrs. Bachmann!
  • Newt Gingrich: Newt hasn’t been in the mainstream media as much as he should be.  The people who have said Newt did a great job are saying he did a great job only because he challenged the media on ‘gotcha’ questions. But not only did he put the media on trial while he confronted the moderators but he had VERY SHARP answers. He didn’t attack anyone else, he answered the questions perfectly, he spoke his mind with what had seemed to be his true feelings (like when he called the super committee in Washington D.C. a ‘dumb’ idea), and he just all in all did fantastic.
  • Herman Cain: Herman Cain did a mediocre job last night. He answered all of the questions with alright answers and was challenged with tough questions (toughest questions were about his past remarks on religions and Muslims) and he dealt with those tough questions pretty good! Herman really didn’t strike too much attention to me last night. He didn’t make many points or arguments that were really that good.
  • Ron Paul: Ron Paul did very nice in Ames, Iowa last night! He didn’t stand out a whole lot until him a Rick Santorum got into a quarrel with each other and started playing the game ‘Dirty Politics’ with one another and Ron also probably won thee award for “Biggest Fan Club Of the Night!”. Ron had some sharp answers to tough questions and definitely showed he could be a contender in this race! Ron started to slip maybe only once when he started babbling about the concern or Iran and Iran getting nuclear weapons. Ron was okay with one of the most dangerous countries (Iran) having very dangerous weapons! If Ron wouldn’t of rambled about the nukes and Iran he wouldn’t have came off as crazy as he did! Other then that Ron did very well and showed that he would be apart of this race!
  • Jon Huntsman: I didn’t expect a bunch from Mr. Huntsman and I didn’t honestly see much out of Mr. Huntsman either. He answered his questions with answers that didn’t excite me or the crowd and he said he has no economic plan… but don’t worry he reassured us it’s in the making and on the way. He also tells all Americans that it’s okay he has no economic plan yet because he’s only been it the run for a month, NO BIGGIE! Actually Jon, it is pretty pathetic you have no plan yet… you need to acquire a plan Jon. So pretty much to sum up Jon’s night in Iowa, it was pretty dull and boring. He won’t make it far at all in this race.
  • Rick Santorum: Santorum almost bugs me more than Barack Obama does! He is irritating and ignorant. He was just flat-out rude last night especially to Ron Paul. He was  interrupting Ron all night, rolling his eyes, sighing, laughing at answers and just being disrespectful. He obviously hasn’t learned debate manners yet! Ron Paul would have to stop himself in the middle of his answers and have to tell Santorum to knock it off! He just kept losing his composure over and over. He reminds me of Al Gore when he’d debate and would always sigh! But other than how Santorum bugged me he was pretty humdrum during the debate. Some answers were good but most of them were just boring. I gave you the link to Santorum’s real site but here is a site I’d much rather use for Rick Santorum 😉
  • Tim Pawlenty: Tim Pawlenty is clearly at thee end of one’s rope, back to the wall, dead duck DESPERATE! He has stooped so low that he is just busy talking trash about his own party members! Fox News last night summed it all up right after the debate when one person on Hannity’s show said that Pawlenty is now just on a mission of “Murder-Suicide”. That is exactly true. He is out to just murder everyone else and throw them all in the gutter while he just hangs himself out to dry! He has done that to Romney with the “Obamney Care” statement and he has teased Michele Bachmann as well about numerous things! He is just purely ‘Sub-Par’.


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