Perry: Knows What He’s Doing!

Posted on August 15, 2011 by


Rick Perry the Governor of Texas is a great candidate and a real threat to other big name GOP candidates like Mitt Romney, Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul.

As we all know our current President Barack Obama has failed his nation. He has failed to do what he promised. He has failed to put an end, or at least benefit, the current war we’re in. Instead Barack Obama just put us in two more wars and has made the other war with al-Qaeda even worse. He promised America jobs, a better economy, a better free market etc. and instead he’s made this economy worse, nearly destroyed the free market, lost more jobs and cannot seem to create anymore and he downgraded our credit FOR THE FIRST TIME IN AMERICAN HISTORY! He promised America an affordable smart healthcare, instead he’s given this country nearly no choice of any other healthcare and his healthcare is a terrible choice. Obama is all in all just a terrible president and leader, but he’s one hell of a liar!

Rick Perry would make a great president. He has an AWESOME record as Governor of Texas and he’s the REAL job guy, not Obama. He has much more experience then Obama and he knows what’s best for this current nation and this nations issues!

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