LA Times Defends Obama Vacation: “GOOD FOR HIS HEALTH”?!

Posted on August 18, 2011 by


Today I was reading the news and I see that the LA Times posted a story ‘Obamas vacation, despite controversy, is good for his health’. And then in the story they just kept constantly saying, “relieve your stress”. When they’d say “relieve your stress” LA Times is referring to how vacation will help out Obama and his stressful life. You know what, I bet it is pretty damn stressful being president but because of HIS TERRIBLE policies and politics America is stressed out, so where is Americas vacation?

Barack Obama needs to come back to Washington and do his job. He needs to come back and deal with this terrible economy HE put us in, he needs to deal with the war he has kept us in, he needs to deal with our border he hasn’t secured etc. Obama hasn’t done barely any positive for our country, and anyone that doesn’t do their job like they’re supposed to should be fired LET ALONE HAVE A VACATION!

Obama is no where near deserving of a vacation and America cannot afford to have Obama go on vacation. Obama needs to come back home and do his job, then 2012 will come around and the GOP needs to come right back and bite him right in the ass and kick him out of office and keep him a ONE TERM PRESIDENT!

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