Some Illegals Can Stay…

Posted on August 18, 2011 by


Apparently the Obama admin has decided that some ILLEGAL (HENCE THE WORD ILLEGAL!!!) immigrants can stay in America to work. The way our government will choose if they can stay or not is by determining if they’re a public safety threat or not. That choosing method will obviously leave numerous amounts of illegals too stay around. So if you are an illegal with an AK-47 with a bag full of a couple kilos of cocaine then well, you may not be able to stay here.

The main reason the illegals will be able to stay is because they can then create jobs. That’s a stupid terrible idea! That’s pretty depressing our government will put even more effort into creating more jobs for NON-AMERICANS. With more jobs for illegal aliens that won’t do anything at all for any Americans. The unemployment, poverty and shitty economy will not change whatsoever!

When these illegals get jobs it will be completely useless. When the illegal aliens make the money they wont pay their taxes to the government like REAL AMERICANS, it goes right back to their families in Mexico.

This is even more disgusting then the DREAM Act. Whatever happened to traditional legalization? So say thank you to Barack Obama and his staff for making it EVEN HARDER for Americans to get jobs and support themselves and their families!

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